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I just started woodworking about 16 months ago, mostly with flat scrollsaw work. Then around 6 months ago I bought my first lathe and have been ramping up the learning curve with a strong interest in segmented bowls. I have made 1 segmented bowl so far and hope to learn how to use the Segment Pro and Lamination Pro to produce more exotic patterns. Below is a picture of the 1st bowl I have made (before buying the software)

Title: First segmented bowl, cherry base, maple rings, walnut accent

Title: Imgur


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Welcome to the WTP forum. Glad you joined. Very nice first segmented bowl.

I have been using all of Lloyds software for years. WTP gives more control. SP really makes the design process easy. Besides using LP for patterns, as you get more experienced increase the number of segments per ring and reduce the thickness. You can create some amazing patterns.
Have fun and enjoy. Segment turning is addictive. You have been warned. LOL.