Printing the profile?

W6JHB / Jim

PRO Member
Is there a way in Segment PRO to produce a printed view of the profile? It sure would be nice to have something like that to take into the shop, rather than using memory to recall what the shape is supposed to look like as one goes along. I've looked through the UI and can't find a way to do it, short of using a screen grab of that part of the display.

Thanks, Jim


Super Moderator
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I am not aware of a way to print the profile from SP. I believe you are correct of just doing a screen grab and using an image editor to crop and print the profile.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
The control I use to draw the profile is not a printable control. However, it is simple to just make a screen capture by touching your PrtScr button (usually found to the right on the top row on keyboards). This capture the entire screen to your clipboard. From there, you simply paste it into an image editor (such as Windows Paint that is already on your computer) and then crop it to what you want and print it.

For an Image Editor, I prefer IrfanView ( It is a free program had has lots of options for both resizing, cropping and printing.