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  1. W6JHB / Jim

    W6JHB / Jim PRO Member

    If I run into issues that appear (to me, anyway) to be program bugs, is this forum the place to report it or is it better to send an email to Lloyd?
  2. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Jim
    You can report bugs for Segment Pro on the Bug and Feedback forum
    Title: Bug Reports and Feedback

    For all of the WTP software you can report issues at
    Title: Software Support | Woodturner PRO

    The benefit with posting on the forum page is other users can respond to you if they had a fix or if they also have the same issue. Emails to Lloyd just communicates with him. My experience is Lloyd is open to emails and responds. imo, WTP has great software support.

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