Feature ring glue up not going as planned

Discussion in 'Segmented Turnings Forum' started by Robint003, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I have made two projects with feature rings and neither has gone as planned. In both cases I used lamination pro to design the rings. The software works just fine and the instructions to cut the parts is dead on. It is my belief that the problem arises in the glue up phase and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on.

    The pattern I wanted in both feature rings was the basic southwest pattern. All strips are cut and the lamination is glued up as per plan. The laminated board is flat and parallel. So now I cut my board at 30 deg. to the required width glue up my cut pieces in pairs as precisely as possible. So far things look good. Next I glue the repeating units together to form the length of board I need giving me the chevron pattern. Each time I add a repeating unit to the board the points of the chevron line up extremely well.
    The glued up pattern should have all the points at top and bottom of the repeating units lined up. NOT! On one project I glued up, the board was 14 repeating units and with extra 20% ended up at just under 54 inches. Over the entire length there is a difference of as much as 3/8 inch in curve to the board. There is no chance at all that I can cut this with the points of the repeating units in contact with the rip fence on the table saw.
    In both cases I had to cheat like heck and convert to a diamond pattern.

    Please advise.
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    I would like to have the Rockler Multi Track set up but unfortunately Rockler won't ship to Canada and there are no resellers in Canada. What I was doing was gluing the two pieces forming the repeating unit together then gluing those together with the points contacting what I believe was a good straight edge. The multi track on either side of the glued up pairs forces the points to line up. I think what I might try is is as per LLoyds method gluing 1 piece on at a time with Titebond Extend and trapping the pieces in a frame similar to the Rockler Multi Track set up. This may not make sense but I don't have pics yet. When I try it again I will take pics as I go.
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    Go to e-bay buy some 8020 extruded aluminum channel with corner locks
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    Just as a follow up, I had a friend bring back the Rockler products from the U.S. and then had them shipped to Whitehorse, Yukon. 100% on glue up phase for feature rings now.

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