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Wedgie-Less Sled For Sale

pete marken

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Now accepting orders for the wedgie-less sled. The cost will be $175 plus shipping and tax if required.
It is currently available with 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 36, 48, 72 and144 segment rings. It is machined from 11/16 baltic birch with a phenolic coating. The sled includes a UHMW miter track runner that you will have to install to fit your table saw. Custom segment numbers will be available, contact me for pricing. To order please email me at p_marken@bellsouth.net. The sled is shown with the optional cutoff table with measuring stop block and fine adjustment for precise edge length. The cost will be $165.
The picture of the ring shows a 48 segment ring cut on the sled. For more info and other fixtures visit my website at
Title: Woodturning | Petemarkenwoodturner

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Frank Smith

Looks nicely done Pete. I've already got all of the wedgies I need or I might consider buying this. Good luck with sales!

Arlin Eastman


Is this for the bandsaw??? I know me and the other vets would love to have one for that if it does not cost to much.