Hello From Bristol, TN

Dan Henderson

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Hello all. I am a total NOOB to segmenting. I have turned one small segmented bowl. well 1 successfully and two that shall we say took flight during turning phase lol

Frank Smith

Hi Dan. Welcome to the forum. I grew up in Bristol and still have family scattered all over that area. I live in Atlanta now but get up to Bristol as often as possible. Maybe we can meet sometime.

Lloyd Johnson

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Hi Dan! Welcome to the Woodturner PRO Community.

You’ll find a lot of friends here and we are all willing to help any way we can.

My wife and I are making a trip to Tennessee this May to do some hiking in the Gaitlinburg area and surrounding territory. We’re also looking forward to a couple days in Nashville. I play bluegrass banjo and am looking forward to an evening at the Grand Ole Opry.

Frank Smith

Lloyd you might appreciate this story. When I was in the 7th grade (1972) my class took a trip to Nashville and we got to go to the original Grand Ole Opry. The building was so old that when someone spilled a coke in the balcony section they brought paper towels out to the ones of us sitting beneath that area to put over our heads because the coke was leaking through the floor. I'll never forget that trip!


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Welcome Dan, Ask when you have questions. That is what the forum is all about.