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Miter Saw dust

Richard Bruce

PRO Member
big gulp dust hood.jpg Using the miter saw without having the sawdust go all over the place, I decided to try this setup. One big gulp dust hood sold at amazon and a few bungie cords. My miter saw is on a small table with locking casters allowing me to roll it around in my shop (almost everything in my shop is on casters because I don't have much room to work with). I get little to no sawdust now. I know it’s not pretty but when you have a tight work space it works great. I can mount it in several different ways to work with all angles even bevel cuts. It works and I can swing the saw in both directions with no problem. I will build on this idea with a permanent hood.IMG_2953.jpg IMG_2954.jpg IMG_2955.jpg IMG_2956.jpg IMG_2957.jpg