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Discussion in 'Lamination PRO Support Forum' started by kweinert, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. kweinert

    kweinert New Member

    And I'm not sure if it's me or the software.

    Probably me.

    So I have my first design and it's not coming out like the instructions lead me to believe. So before I go farther I thought I'd check in here.


    So this is what the design should look like.

    I measured the original strips correctly:
    And I believe I cut on the specified 40 degree angle:

    But the resulting width is *much* taller than the pattern says it should be:
    (Pattern says 5.45")

    The individual slices are the correct width as well.

    And I ended up with only 10 repetitions instead of 12.

    This leads me to believe that the measurements for cutting out the center won't work as given. I also suspect that even if I make the adjustment to cut out the center 1/2" that the southwest pattern don't look as I want it to.

    Any thoughts from those of you with more experience? Where did I go wrong?

  2. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    I entered your specs into LP. It gives a needed board of at least 43.81" for the 1 gen cut. After gluing up the chevrons your board should be 5.47" wide. Not sure where yours went wrong. Hopefully Bob or Lloyd will respond. If not I would email Lloyd and see if he can help.

    lp1.jpg lp2.jpg
  3. kweinert

    kweinert New Member

    Yes, that's why I asked here. I started with 60" off strips as I used the +20% option.

    I could get maybe one more Chevron half from what's left but it's just too close to the blade for my comfort.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    First, check to see if you have your kerf set correct. Or said better your kerf is set to 0"
    Go up into the menu >File > Options and set your kerf to the width of your table saw blade. This will make a big difference
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  5. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    This is mine with kerf set at 3/32" and your 12 repeat

  6. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    Here it is layed out in cad
    Your cutting was the second one you needed the first one
    You cut 40 degrees off the horizontal rather than 40 degrees off the 90
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  7. kweinert

    kweinert New Member

    Interesting. I just went out to the shop and drew the 40 degrees off vertical and there's the expected difference.

    Kind of counter intuitive to me - after I cut the pieces I can't measure the angle and get the stated result, just the reciprocal. Not an issue, just have to make a mental adjustment.

    So, a couple of questions:

    1. Am I the first to do this? :)
    2. Does it say somewhere in the software what the reference is for the angle and I just missed it (entirely possible.)

    I guess I got myself into trouble because I used a digital angle gauge as I thought that would be more accurate than the miter gauge. It should have rung a bell that I wasn't understanding something when there was that large of a difference between the scale on the miter gauge and the digital gauge (10 degrees.)

    Thanks for clearing it up. At least I now have a better understanding.

    Dumb question: if I go back into Lamination Pro and reset the angle to 50 degrees I should be able to see the result and determine if I can rescue what I've cut or if I just put it down to experience - correct?
  8. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member


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