Looking for a bandsaw sled jig that someone made that is like the accu-slice

I know I seen someone post one somewhere and just can not find it.

Please help a wandering mind and a link if possible.
O so grateful Bob. Where is the link to it? I have one made almost like it but thinking I will integrated features from both.

I will be doing a build along if that is OK with everyone as soon as I get the extra parts.

Bob Beaupre

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I'm back, just getting caught up.
I'm webmaster over at segmentedwoodturners.org and there was some business I need to catch up on.

Here are all the pictures I've taken so far
20181221_172922.jpg 20181221_173100.jpg 20181221_173109.jpg 20181221_171610.jpg 20181221_173250.jpg 20181222_121603.jpg 20181222_121641.jpg 20181222_121810.jpg 20181222_121835.jpg 20181222_121844.jpg 20181222_122038.jpg 20181222_122049.jpg 20181222_122144.jpg 20181222_122322.jpg 20181222_122328.jpg 20181222_122346.jpg
OK Bob

I do not know what is in mind on pictures 11-13 on how they work? is it to adjust the tension on the wheels? How did you do that? I started mine several months ago where it rides on top of the track like a bandsaw mill and I am intrigued on how it works.
I am almost done with mine. It is a lot like the accuslice sled but way different at the same time. Maybe I should say same concept with the advance like theirs but trying to make it so everyone can make it from common materials or ebay stuff. I had to put it off for a few months so I could finish my wife's and both of my daughter's projects.


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Arlin, great to hear you have made some very good progress. Do you have anything you can send me or post in the forum? I'd like to build the sled. I also looked at Paoson WoodWorking-How to Make a Band Saw Fence, see
So do you work for a magazine or other publisher??

I have been making notes but nothing really. I was on my 3rd revision and now the 4th. I do not want to do anything in writing yet since some may change.


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I'm retired from IBM, I'm looking for my personal use. Today I've been watching videos about the Accu-Slice. Very impressive tool but way out of my budget. I really like the idea that the cut is so smooth and it is so easy to adjust.


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I well understand the changes as you move forward. If possible I normally start with a SketchUp model and then print various views. From the printings, I start the build and write-up. During the build, I will make necessary changes to the actual build as well as the write-up and SketchUp model. After I complete the build I then let things sit for a day or so. Then I return to the project to review my model and write-up. Almost always I will make more changes.
What source did you find for the bearings/wheels? I'm not sure what to search for. I'm leaning toward more of the jig to be made from metal. My son is a welder and can help me. He also has a close friend that has a metal lathe that can be used if necessary.


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Few questions:
  1. How do you adjust the thickness of the cut? It looks like you slide the long piece of wood with the two alum angle rails (rail guide??) on it toward the bandsaw blade.
  2. How easy/accurate is it when you adjust the thickness? Is this a concern?
  3. In the above pictures regarding #7, is this the base flipped upside-down? What is the alignment procedure?
  4. How do you ensure that the front/rear of the rail guide is parallel to the blade? If this is off the cut will be at an angle. I'm assuming that the three rows of double slots are for adjustment. It seems that over time the slots would wear and introduce error.
  5. What size is the blade? Somewhere in the Accu-slice material, I recall they suggested to use at least a 3/4" wide blade.


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I'm going to put this project on hold for a few weeks. I just received my Gyro G700 Dust collector and will be setting it up. This is now project #1 for me.