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Miter saw segment cutter Jigs,


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Hi I'm relatively new to turning but an at the point now where I feel I'm ready to tackle segmented turning. I have a band saw, compound sliding Miter saw, electric hand planer, chainsaws, plunge router, numerous hand tools and saws. I have found 1 video explaining how to use Miter saw to cut segments, and the accu sled for band saw but no real plans for making your own. I'm reaching out in the hopes that someone has a diagram or example of the Miter or bandsaw jig, or knows of another way with said tools. Any help is appreciated, thanks again
Thank you, appreciate the quick response as I am eager to build another jig (Just finished my resaw lumber jig) more importantly however is to get back on my lathe. I thought they were joking when they told me to be careful that's it's addictive, haha. Thanks again :)
I do actually have a follow up question, can I use the wedgie sled in my bandsaw miter slot (after minor modifications to accommodate size)? I anticipate there being a little variance due to blade movement but I'm not seeing anything that tells me this will not work. Am I missing something?
Yes you can but I feel it is more accurate on the table saw.
Ok cool, thanks that's what I really wanted to know. I totally agree about the table saw, and as soon as I can sneak another huge machine gently into the garage, inching everything else out... Haha

Really great site btw, don't know how I missed it in my search efforts.

A simple search will get you plans or vids for using a miter saw to cut segments. Malcolm Tibbets also discusses it in his book.
Title: Segment Cutting Jig For Miter Saw - International Association of Penturners

As other have said, table saw will most likely give you the best results.

Thank you. I must have not entered info properly as I honestly had a hard time finding what I needed. I will be checking out the book, it looks like just what I needed :).

The one jig I found and was looking for more info on was, upon recent discovery, done by Lloyd. I have searched through threads and I'm hoping to find more info on it.

Thank you again for writing a reply. I feel stupid asking such simple questions but again I'm just starting my wood turning journey
No question is stupid. Forums are for asking.
When I started out I did cut segments on a miter saw. It was not long before I switched to using a table saw. I use to sand my segments on a disk sander. Using a good 80 tooth blade and sled pretty much eliminated the sanding, except to get rid of the fuzzy's. Good luck and enjoy building.
Thank you, glad to have a place where I can ask those green questions. Going to get a new blade today, appreciate the response :)