Not cutting diamond tips off

Peter Huckstep

PRO Member
I have made several diamond designs using Lamination Pro and have the same issue with each one when building the design. I always have an issue that I am cutting the points off of my diamonds.

How do you either in layout or in cutting setup prevent cutting tip of diamond off or get the outer strip to extend to give room for kerf of blade?

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member

Did you watch the tutorial about using Lamination PRO with Segment PRO? At the 8:30 mark in the following tutorial, I show how to use the SW Design tool to make a diamond pattern. Using this tool, you have the ability to make the diamond bigger or smaller and it works great. Here is the link. Let me know if you have questions after watching this.
Title: Using Lamination PRO with Segment PRO

Peter Huckstep

PRO Member
Lloyd Thank you. That is what I needed to see and found where my mistakes were at. Will try again next time Im in my shop. I found that I needed to take more out of the center as with the SW design.