Segment Pro Questions


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I just downloaded the Trail Version of Segment Pro and can not figure out how to:

(1) Change Segments from Open Segments to Closed Segments in a single row. Example: I am wanting to make the second ring in an open segment bowl into a closed segment ring leaving all the others as open segments.

(2) Change the height of only one ring in a bowl. Example: I am wanting to make an 1/8" tall accent ring at the top of a hollow from.

Ken Sherwin

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I had the same problem but wanted to see my idea in wood sooner rather than later. I didn't want to take the time to deal with WT right then.

The vase in my avatar is an open / closed combination done with SP. After I put the profile in and set the ring height, I set 12 segments per closed ring and saved the answer. Then I set 6 segments per open ring (I wanted big segments in the open part) and saved that answer.

Once I had both answers captured, I chose which rings I wanted to build in which form.

I did the same technique but changed ring heights on a piece of firewood I made. (I'm the only one here that makes firewood, right?)