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  1. Richard Bruce

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    I have noticed when cutting 8, 12, or 16 segments they all seem to go together good and glue up without any small gaps. Some times when I do 18-30 segments I wind up with a small gap between at least two segments and sometimes more. I triple check my lengths and my angles. What are some things I need to check for? I have made sure my blade is at 90 degree's to the table. I number each segment but still get a small gap about a 1/16th to 1/8 sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom. I have to assemble to halves and then sand the ends down till they fit correctly, is this the best way to do it or is there something else I should try? Thanks for the help
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    Like you if a dry fit is not perfect I build half rings and do a sand to make the joint perfect.
    I also will check to make sure that saw dust or small chips are not collecting along my fence and on the cutting sled. I check and clear debris from time to time.

    I have also gotten into marking the top and one side of my stock I am cutting segments from. Jerry Bennet gives a great explanation on how to arrange the segments to compensate for any blade error from 90 degrees.
    Title: Segmentology
  3. Richard Bruce

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    Thanks. I will pay more attention to the saw dust collection, I hadn't thought about that. I will check out the link.

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