WTP, SegEasy, Stomper,disconnects

Len Estrada

PRO Member
Just finished my first two bowls and am ready to learn about open segment projects. My Stomper with SegEasy plates are the aids that add order to this complex process. So I downloaded WoodturnerPro this past week end and found it will be a strong tool in my bag. I have a lot to learn.

It does offer a challenge when finishing a WTP plan and then finding that it has to be altered to use with SegEasy plates for miter angles and no support for putting the ring onto the bowl. I used my SE12-8 to make a solid segment bowl. The path is not very clear to use my SE16-6 to complete the open plan that was very straight forward.

I plan to continue my learning curve and look forward to the improvements that should be made. Len Estrada

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
If you want to use Woodturner PRO with the SegEasy plates, you simply need to look for the engraving on the plate that shows the number of segments and the gap in degrees. For example, if you have a plate that says 16/6, that means that there are 16 segments with a 6-degree gap. In Woodturner PRO, you only need to change the number of segments to 16 and then look in the column at the right for the field just below the Profile SNAP button and change the number of degrees to 6 and you're all set to go.

This is done automatically for you when you use Segment PRO.