Lamination Pro Saving

Randy Bass

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I just got this software and haven't stopped playing. I have a problem when I save a design all seems to go well, however when I come back to open it back up all the changes I mad are gone. The 1st gen is somewhat right however the size is off. If I'm trying to make a SW design not even close. I was able to export to segment Pro and it worked great. So what am I doing wrong.


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Hi Randy:
Not sure what the issue is. First I hope you are doing a file/save (give a name) before exiting.
The files are stored in documents/my lamination pro.

When you start LP it always opens with a new file. Just click through the screens and the lamination wizard. Then go to File/Open/your saved file name. Or use the shortcut of Files/Recent Files/your saved file name.
It will then open up your file at the Gen 1 level. To bring up the SW pattern just click on the SW design button.

If you are still having issues, please attach the *.lam file. We can then take a look at how you have things set up.

Randy Bass

New Member
I can save the file and I name it thats all fine, its when I reopen it ( like I said I tried a SW design looks great) it its in Gen 1. I did some checking it seems to have kept all my measurements and I just go back to SW and its there. so no big deal play enough and i figured it out. Thanks for the help.