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Robert Egging

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Hi, I have enjoyed woodworking for many years. I am retired and about 1 year ago I pickup up Malcom Tibbets book on segmented wood turning. That and access to a wood latle has me making segmented wood bowls.

I have a question about Segment Pro - will it handle a feature ring made by laminating several different woods similar to Lamination Pro but leaving them in a vertical orientation. If left vertical when cutting segments - the line between laminations will show as a curved line on the side of the bowl. This is very difficult to visualize before making a bowl - so I would like to use Segment Pro to visualize how it will look.

Can anyone help me??


Bob Egging


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Lloyd can correct me if I am wrong but the short answer is I don't think so. What you could try is creating a jpg image of the lamination and put it the species directory of SP. The tutorial may be of some help.
Title: Species and Palettes in Segment PRO

I don't believe you could do what you want in WTP either. You could try to import a jpg as a custom species and see.
Welcome Robert

You are way past me since I have yet still to do a segmented piece but playing with the software now for 3 months or so.
I am here to learn more and loving to see everyone elses work and someday mine will be here as well.