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Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Feedback' started by Jeff Miller, May 19, 2018.

  1. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller Moderator


    I figured you are sitting around thinking "what can I put into SP that will make it really different"? I have just the thing. Since I have gotten interested in the beaded illusion bowls and platters, how about having the ability to line up the segments instead of a brick lay? I haven't found any beading software that allows me to make a pattern and then see it in 3D. Maybe it could cross over into the beading community.

    Just a thought (and a wish),
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about this. Making the change to the Paint page won't be difficult as I just have to have a setting somewhere that suspends the offset on every other row. I guess I can draw the bowl without the offset and that would not be difficult, either.

    One issue is that there are really two times to do the basket weave process - the first is when you want to decorate the outside of a vessel and that is similar to how Paint works today. The other is when you want to decorate the top of segments such as a wide rim to a platter. That would be a complete departure from how the software currently works and may not even be possible. If I decide to do some work here, it will have to be with the understanding that it will be a solution for the basket weave decorating a vessel, not a rim.

    My projects are lined up for much of this year, but this is something I'd like to do so it is already on my list but has not date for completion at this time. Since it is possible that it may not be difficult, there's a good chance that it could move up in the queue.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller Moderator

    I just spent 2 hours this morning with graph paper and beading software coming up with my next project. These are two examples of what I am working on. It would be much easier using SP if the rows didn't offset. Thanks for your reply.

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  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    The problem I'm going to have is that I'll be able to help you with the rapid development of the design, but I won't be able to show it to you as a completed vessel. For example, your first design is a combination of segmented rings and rings with a basket weave design and this is not, and won't ever be something you can do in Segment PRO because it is a non-standard segmented vessel. To add the ability to do this would require a LOT more user interface which defeats the purpose of the software which is to be a streamlined user interface as I have promised.

    However if you created a wall profile that had a 45 degree slope where the base is 4" in diameter, for example, you would see a vessel with your design and the Ring View would print out correctly to help lay it out during construction. You would still have to use Woodturner PRO to build the lower portion of the vessel and I suspect you'll be alright with that. The question is - will everyone be alright with this. Not that it matters much. Segment PRO is for segmented projects but could be used in this way to help create a basket weave design. If they want more than that, they'll have to wait until someone writes it (it won't be me). :->
  5. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller Moderator

    As you have guessed, I'm not worried about building the vessel the design is on. I'm just looking for a quicker way to make the designs and experiment with patterns. I would probably only use the paint view and not the ring view to color the patterns in. Seeing the vessel or platter in 3D would be a bonus. I think with the increase interest in "bead illusion", this might be a good selling point for the software.
  6. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller Moderator

    It just dawned on me, if this comes to fruition I would use a palette of generic colors instead of wood species. I imagine I could make a custom palette the same was as making one with wood species.
  7. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    A custom palette of solid colors for basket weave would be great.

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