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Discussion in 'Segmented Turnings Forum' started by Richard Bruce, May 1, 2018.

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    I need to find out what good wood suppliers are out there. Mine aren't getting the job done. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    I had that link above yours. lol
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    My candy store in Portland, Oregon is Gilmer Wood Products. Miles Gilmer has three large warehouses stacked floor-to-ceiling with exotic woods. At one time, they were the premier seller of wood to the major music instrument manufacturers. Today, they sell heavily through their online store at Title: Gilmer Wood Company. Another source for exotic woods (also in Oregon) is Cook Woods at Title: Exotic Woods & Hardwoods of the World | Cook Woods.

    For open segment turning, I almost always buy from eBay where I search for 'thin lumber'. There are manufacturers that only sell through eBay and they thickness sand their lumber primarily to 1/4", 3/8" in sizes and quantities that will fit in USPS Flat Rate boxes. You can always get maple, walnut and cherry but can often get exotics as well. On a shelf by my table saw, I have a section for 1/4" and 3/8" with different species and I grab and go. Buying the wood this way is far less expensive than buying through a big box store like Rockler or Woodcraft and the time savings over milling the lumber yourself makes it very worthwhile to me.

  9. Richard Bruce

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    Thanks for the heads up. I have family there and go there several times a year. I will bring my trailer next time and see if I can get some different pieces.
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    Over the years I've purchased quite a bit of wood from West Penn Hardwoods. They have fantastic sales on very exotic woods. Their prices are very attractive; right now there's a sale of 50% off on bocote and ebony.
    Title: - West Penn Hardwoods
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    Thanks for the lead. I am putting a list of woods I want to use on my next few projects I will check them out.
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    CHECK OUT www.scroungersparidise.com They are located in Asheville NC if anyone is local
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