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Discussion in 'Open-Segment Turnings Forum' started by Frank Hurley, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Frank Hurley

    Frank Hurley PRO Member

    20180228_111512.jpg 20180228_111542.jpg 20180307_213414.jpg 20180406_133407.jpg 20180406_133430.jpg 20180321_142535.jpg From start to finish with some help here and there from asst video's. 457 pieces, Kentucky coffee bean, walnut, and cherry and a little paduk for the last ring
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  2. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    Very nice open segment vessel. Thanks for posting photos.

    I also like your segeasy sled.
  3. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    Beautiful work, Frank. You seem to be enjoying this and it certainly shows.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.
  4. dailyxe

    dailyxe New Member

    Wow very nice
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  5. Frank Hurley

    Frank Hurley PRO Member

    Thank goodness for u tube videos. and it was a very easy make, just required a another jig for the router
  6. Frank Hurley

    Frank Hurley PRO Member

    Could not have done it without your software and plates, Next project will require ordering another plate from you with more segments for more complicated designs

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