Laminate Wizard control in left hand panel

Steve Sergev

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I find it invaluable to be able to vary cutting angles in the left hand panel and see the effect immediately on subsequent generations. I'd like to be able to do this, too, with strip widths.

Can you add the capability to the left hand panel so that we can also change the strip widths and see the changes immediately in generations? Perhaps using separate tabs? One for the existing cutting angles, etc and a second one for strip widths.


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Interesting idea you have. I can only imagine the programing it would take to allow different widths of the strips. This is definitely one for Lloyd to say if he plans to change LP in the future.

Currently you can change the width but it applies to all generations so the pattern does not change. The following is from the Help portion of LP:

"The Laminate Cut Width pertains ONLY to the cutting of the laminated board. The measurement you select is the actual width of the strips you cut from that board and saw kerfs are not considered at this point.

Changing the cut width will cause the design of any generation to become larger or smaller, depending on your new selection, but the pattern created will be the same, regardless of the cut width you select."