User background color

Steve Sergev

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Sometimes it's hard to tell if a small black region of the laminate is actually wood (e.g. ebony) or just a convergence of black element outlines or is a void. If we could change the background color from black to another of our choice that is not a wood color (e.g. hot pink) we could tell if it is a void or not as the the hot pink, in this case, would show through and not be interpreted as ebony or a convergence of element outlines.

Can you add the ability to change the background color?


Super Moderator
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As far as I know there is no way to change the background color in LP.

One work around would be to use something like one of the solid colors in the species list knowing that it represents ebony or blackwood.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
There were a lot of complaints that printing the images was burning up too much ink and so by making the background black, I wrote a routine that goes through the entire image and changes every black pixel to transparent. All the complaints immediately stopped and so it will be left as it is.

Since I'm spending much of my time working on the symposium and website of Segmented Woodturners, my programming time has been reduced so unless something is a real problem, I won't be able to get to it.

If you're not sure it's a void or not, go back to the Laminate Wizard and add an eight inch or so to the top and bottom strips. If it was a void, this will fill it either in full or in part.