row 2 board width

Rod Smith

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In all of the segment pro plans I have done, the second row is significantly wider than the other rows. Why is this?


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My 2 cents is that the second row is wider to allow good contact glue surface with the base and any tapering into the base (row 1).

Bob Beaupre

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It all has to do with the taper into the base.
The closer you put the second to the last point before it hits the base controls how much taper there is on the inside.
This is the first profile in the standard Segment Pro installation
Now if I move the second to the last point down the taper inside is less
Now if I move it up close to the third point the taper increases

Hope that helps
This gives you material to turn away and make a nice transition into the base and added strength for the attachment to the base. But you can control it the way you want it.

Brett Niland

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That’s great info Bob. Thank you Rod for asking the question. I assumed I was stuck with it like that as well. Nice to know I have the option, though I’m not confident enough to do away with that particular safety net. :)

Rod Smith

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I finished turning the bowl that I asked the question about. It came out great at the bottom. I used a little taller segments and wider. it ended up being a half inch plus thick. The next one is going to 1/2 inch high and narrow and see if I can get a little thinner wall. Thanks for all of the advice.