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Norway - my start for making a setup for segmenting.



Hello everyone.
I told Loyd, John and Bob that when this is coming together I will be adding my wrk to the forum. Between work on making things for the segmenting I have a lot of time on hauling snow out from my yard and road. Just now it looks like this outside.
It is just 1 meter of snow around here now.
And up the road from the main road.
That is a little bit of nothing.

I have been into all kind of woodwork. From woodworking in a factory, sawmill, lumberyard and building houses and cabins.
Turning since the 1980's and I have tried the most. Now it ws time to really dig into segmenting. I got the taste of it about 15 year ago but I got lost in too many details and put aside all my ideas. I have had Woodturner Pro and Segmenting since then. And then I saw Loyd's homesite after a letter from the west coast - I was hit by the flue again!! I have got good help from all three of them plus found some very good items from China too. All is now coming in and I have started to assamble a few things.
Is it interesting to see all here or along the way of doing it?
I have made up my mind to go for Bob's idea and table. The setup feels good and as I develope my skills I think it is a good start to begin with. Or what you think?!
I'll come back after the weekend and I think I'll have a visitor during the weekend from Bergen and Askøy - Øistein Jensen. It will be fun to show him what I have started on.

Till next time...........
Screw with index wheel and center chuck.

Center chuck will be entered down to the wood table. Wheel is 72 teeth upload_2018-2-5_19-49-16.jpeg.
Tomorrow I'll do the hole in th table. But berings is not that easy to get. Several dealers does not answer my mail. So I need to hear from UK tomorrow. That i the best way of getting it for me I think.
Been showeling snow too oftn her. The latest picture where I am. Had some difficultie to adjust the bearings but it is now ok to make the board up and down.
Now I need to make the drilling for the holes of the sliding bars.
After the sliding bars is mountd.


  • upload_2018-2-28_20-26-36.jpeg
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Thank you Bob. Has been so cold her. So are not doing very much. Next is to mount the up down moving of the table. Have been looking around for a chip or easy boad for the conction of the motor. It seems I need to fix that myself. I can use the setup for the board for th stpmotor to do the same. Just need a good switch.
Still have some work to be done here.
A good friend of ours also lives in Norway and she has been sending us pictures from her home not far from Oslo and the snow has been very heavy there, too.

Your segmenting jig is looking great and you are really going to like using it to make high-density-segment bowls. I also need to get started on a jig like this myself. I've been so busy the last few years I haven't had time to spend in my shop but I've turned the corner now and so it is high-time to get out and start enjoying retirement. I just replaced all my fluorescent lights with LED strip lights and each has a motion sensor on it. So when I move around in the shop, the ones nearby stay on but the ones far away turn off. It's great to be able to walk in and out without having to think about the lights.

Keep us posted on your status!

Just made the top of the table finish.

Waiting for a part to my motor.
Then I can adjust the belt and make the bottom redy too. Could someone send me the most reliable jig to use for the segment cutting? I have made a few but I find them made a bit not ok. I wonder about a few things and then I can continue the rebuild of the jig to my table saw.
I see. When I look up the Incra site I find the sledge. What kind of parts do I need to order as extra to the Mitter Sledge Express? I have the item holding down the pieces. But I see some more parts nessesary to have too?
I could try to make soething like this too but it will be a bit tricky I think.
I have made me one wedgie and I could make the parts better only.
As you see from my picture the corner of the plate moving up and down need to be in the exact middle of the chuck. So I need to make that in the next few days.
Steinar, looks like you are going to need some kind of leg pointing down to put you segment up against during glue up.
Yes, I need to cut off the board about 10mm or up to 1/2" and then I plan to use a thin aluminum plate under and down to use for the gluing part and tight it under the measuring line on the edge. Right?
BTW. Can the software for this be running on Smartphone, table, laptop or PC? I would like to know what is absolutely for doing this? I have a extra laptop I plan to use.
First I would like to say welcome since I have not met you before.

Second I LOVE winter and it is my favorite season. I was very lucky to be able to go to Norway back in 1996 for 6 months with the US Air Force and everyone was So friendly and when I got off of work I went walking about looking and talking to everyone. I so wish I could go back and bring my wife or even move there. :):)
It has been a long and snowy winter this year. It is a standstill on the jig I am doing. And a few adjustments has to be done. Thanks for looking at my work so far. I have also been in US a few times and enjoy the places I have been to. Several family members are living there and when the situation is better I'll be back. And plan is to look around for woodturners and small saw mills.