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Relatively Inexpensive Fix to the Stomper's Flexing

Discussion in 'Segment Stomper Forum' started by cnsranch, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. cnsranch

    cnsranch Jerry Prinds

    First of all, Lloyd's Stomper is great. The two problems I've had deal with the total throw (length of the Stomper allowing only around 11" of bowl height) and the flex.......it's a real problem for me especially during glue-up.

    I saw a thread where a Member is using a piston (can't remember who) and it looked promising. Looked into it and found the parts to be expensive.

    So, I got to thinking (always dangerous). I was at Harbor Freight and found the answer that works for me.

    This is a long-throw hydraulic jack, used primarily for presses. HF has a 3 ton and an 8 ton, both offered manual or air powered.

    I picked up the 3 ton manual model. With the usual 20% coupon you can typically find online I paid $37 plus tax.

    The only mods I had to make to my existing set up involved enlarging the holes to accomodate the bigger shaft diameter, and building a stand for the jack as it can't be mounted underneath the Stomper - has to sit on the floor.

    The shaft is flat on the top (don't get the one that's set up with a rounded head for a press). I was going to drill and tap the center for a bolt, but was concerned with getting it perfectly square and centered (in other words, I chickened out). Instead, I turned a piece of oak the same diameter, and added a 3/8" piece of brass to the center. Epoxied it to the top of the shaft.

    After building the stand I made certain that the shaft was perfectly perpendicular to the Stomper using shims under the stand, then added some trim around the stand to keep it where it belongs. Although I haven't had the stand shift yet during use (if it does it will screw up the angles) that can be an easy fix with a little liquid nails attaching the stand to the floor.

    There is absolutely no flex.......unless you extend it all the way....the last pump of the handle is too much - just don't go there. That, along with a 22" throw and I'm a happy guy.

    If you take into consideration what I paid for the parts to build the original Stomper jig, I only have about $23 more in this set up. A no brainer to me.

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  2. cnsranch

    cnsranch Jerry Prinds

  3. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nice job, that's using the old bean

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