Segment Painting

I am having a problem painting individual segments. I control click on the segment and it becomes highlighted, then I double click and the species dialog box doesn't appear and instead the whole segment row becomes highlighted. Am I doing something wrong?

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
Double-clicking is how you select a row which puts a big blue border around the entire row.

You select a species by clicking it which puts a red border around the segment. Shift-click or Ctrl-click adds segments to the collection. You then right-click anywhere to bring up the paint selections.

In the right column is a box that shows Keyboard Shortcuts. The contents of this box changes depending on the type of row it is. It’s good to refer to this box as there are other shortcuts that you would only learn about only if you watch a tutorial.

Go to the Woodturner PRO video tutorials by clicking this link and watch the tutorials on Wall Profile Tools and Multi-Row Resize. This will show you some cool things you can do with multi-select tools.
Thanks Lloyd. I was highlighting the segments correctly, but found out that I wasn't clicking low enough on the right side of my computer pad to bring up the species box. New computer, live and learn.

Bob Beaupre

Staff member
Mike in Woodturner Pro if you want to color one segment right click on the segment, then left click on the same segment and the list of species will pop up just pick you species then
Thanks Bob, I've got everything working now. I have actually got a vessel designed and colored. I might even build it after my next two weeks in purgatory are finished. I will use that time to relearn WTP and the other programs in depth before starting up again. Don't be surprised if I continue pestering you guys during this period. I'm having to get familiar at the same time with the little Acer Swift computer I bought to run these turning programs. I was very happy to learn that the project files are saved as PDF files so it will be easy for me to transfer them to my MAC which I am much more accustomed to and also seems to work better with my laser printer. When I printed out the vessel from my Swift a lot of the rings in the middle turned out black even though they correctly showed as ash on the print preview. I might get that corrected with time and patience.