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  1. Stephen Roberts

    Stephen Roberts PRO Member

    In the spirit of observing anomalies (bugs?, features?, etc) in Segment PRO, I have encountered the following in the design of a simple open segment bowl:

    1) The Actual Height in the Bowl Summary Cutaway View is 50.75” while the Height in the top right window shows a Height of 7.25 in. (the latter is correct)

    2) The Summary tab for the bowl lists the species, but the number of segments in each species is completely incorrect and does not approximate the Bowl View and Ring View. For example, 11 of 19 rings are shown as Wenge while there are no rings in the design that are Wenge only.

    3) The Lgth calculations in the Species table is somewhat suspect since in one case there is only one Maple segment whose Lgth is 1.4 while its SEL is 1.5.

    Perhaps I encounter these anomalies because of my limited experience with the software, so I look forward to enlightenment.
  2. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    What version of SP are you running?

    It would be helpful if you would export your file and post it. That way we can look at the same info you have.
    In SP top right. select Share, export. It will make a .json file. That file will be placed in your Segment Pro document folder. There should be a My Segment Pro folder under your Document folder in which the file resides.

    Make a new post and attach the file. Until then it would speculation on your issues.

    Did you paint any of the segments?
    Did pallet are you using?
  3. Stephen Roberts

    Stephen Roberts PRO Member

    Thank you for your willingness to look at these. Attached is the .json file for my design. To develop this design I exercised almost all the SP options including alternative profiles, changes in segment characteristics, bowl height and diameter, and I painted segments using different palettes and species.

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  4. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    For some reason when I download your file and import it into SP, I am not finding it, though SP states it was successfully imported.
    Give some time to figure out what is up.

    Maybe one of the other mods or Lloyd will join in.

    You did save the project before doing the share/export ?
  5. Stephen Roberts

    Stephen Roberts PRO Member

    Thank you for looking at the issues. I created the .json file by using Share->Export in SP. I am using Segment PRO Version 1.0 Build Number 1.1.027. I also could not successfully view the .json file that was exported, although SP stated it was imported. I captured the Bowl View and the Summary in the attached .jpg files so you can see what I see in SP.

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  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    I just arrived home from a trip where I had limited online access. I'll be glad to help you but it might be best if you give me a call since it appears that you're trying to stress test the software.
    5O3 78I 5II7. Portland Oregon
  7. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    I just tried to import the file, it said everything was fine and imported. Looking in plans I do not see it. Went to the plans directory and it was not there! Physically copied file to the directory and the plans still do not show up in the program. Which version of the program are you using?
  8. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    What was the name of the category that the file was in. My program keeps making a blank category even when I delete it
  9. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    That is what I experienced. Thanks for verifying my issue with the json file.
  10. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    After physically coping to the plans directory, the program will actually delete the file.
    So I tried importing again with file explorer open to the plans directory so I could see the file importing. Nothing!!
    But then I found the file after importing!!
    In the profiles directory.
    So the file thinks its a profile not a set of plans.
    I'm thinking the next step will have to be LLoyd
  11. Stephen Roberts

    Stephen Roberts PRO Member

    Not sure what about the design might be stressing the software? Have some experience with closed segment turning, but wanted to try my hand at open segment turning. I own the Stompter-Adapted Seg-Easy plates for 12 and 18 open segment rings and was trying to create a simple open segment bowl for a present (and an excuse to try my Seg-Easy plate and open segment turning). As a result I experimented with a number of design features of the software in this context. I can work with my simple design by exporting the Summary to an Excel workbook and then manually entering the ring composition information based on the bowl's paint. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    There are two types of files that can be saved - Profiles and Plans. Each have their own button. A little more explanation would be helpful, though.

    There are similarities between the two buttons. The first thing that happens if you click either is that a screen capture is placed in the Image Editor and once you crop it, this is the image that will be saved. If you click on the Save Profile button, the ONLY thing that will be saved is the profile as it currently exists, even though the picture might be of a completed bowl. Whenever I save a Profile, I always switch to a Painted Segment type bowl with rows no more than 1/4" and no checkmark in front of 'Isometric View' so that you will get a straight-on view of the profile. Finally, I enter a category and a reasonable height for the profile and an optional description (basically, the name of the file). If you started this process by opening and then refining an existing profile, clicking the Save Profile button will ask if you want to replace the existing profile. If you instead started from scratch, it creates a new profile.

    Clicking on the Save Plan button, saves the current wall profile dots and all of the adornments (painted Segments, feature ring properties, etc.). The current profile is saved so that if you export it for sharing, the receiving user will be able to open the Plan since it will always have a profile associated with it. Before clicking the Save Plan, select the desired view angle and select a Cateogry, if desired. Finally, the software prepends some data about the vessel including the total number of segments, type of bowl, etc. and you can either add your description after this data or remove all of that data and simply give your own file name or description as it is a free-form text field.
  13. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    A little about the file structure...

    I have deliberately not made a tutorial about this as it is sure to raise a lot of need for technical support as the file location is most often hidden from the user and not easy to find. However, until I get back to working on this area of the software, it could be necessary to copy files to and from the locations. As you have seen, the files are kept in a hidden location (use File Explorer to unhide hidden files):
    <drive>/Users/<your login>/AppData/Roaming/Woodturner PRO/Segment PRO/images
    In that location you'll find four folders where files are saved. The two for Profiles are 'JsonProfiles' for the text file containing the profile data and 'Profile' which stores the image that is displayed in the Profiles dialog box.

    Likewise, the two locations for the Plans are 'JsonPlan' and 'Plan' for the data and image, respectively.

    I do have plans to have a Backup and Restore function added which will make a .zip file containing all of the Profiles and Plans and let you Share>Import all the Profiles and Plans that were on a different computer.

    I hope that helps.
  14. John VanderHeiden

    John VanderHeiden PRO Member

    Is anyone having the same problem I am with the board length calculations in Summary View? Example: Board Width=1.61, Length=22.0, Segment S.E.L.=2.144, Type=closed, Segs=12, Thick=.750, Angle=15.00.

    In this example, an S.E.L. of 2.144 should be cut from a Board Length of 25.728 and not 22.0. I'm having the same problem with all of the rows, not just this one.

    What am I doing wrong, if anything. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what is the cause or work-around? Thanks in advance.
  15. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    I believe almost every segmenter has asked this question (I know I did).

    When you cut your segments using the economy method, you are actually cutting a trapezoid that has a long edge called the Segment Edge Length. The opposite edge has an edge length that is smaller. When you cut your segments, the long SEL will be cut from one side of the board. You then flip the board edge-to-edge and the next long SEL will be cut from the other edge of the board. The calculation for the Length of the board is the number of segments divided by 2 times the long segment edge length plus the number of segments divided by 2 times the short segment edge length. To this amount, you have to add the number of segments times the saw kerf times a trig formula to account for the angle.

    If you use the grain match method, all SELs are cut from the same side of the board and the length is SEL times the number of segments plus the saw kerfs.

    Anytime I change the code of any of the formulas, I always double-check my calculations with Woodturner PRO and a 3rd party calculator just to make sure that everything is correct.


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