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help! summary not reflecting choices from paint window



I have picked a profile. 24 segments, 7 inches tall with 3/8 inch high rings. I then painted the segments. Simple tornado bowl with 5 woods. The bowl view shows the colors (woods) I have picked. But when I go to summary, none of the species shown in Paint are shown. instead it has zebrawood as row 1 and maple for everything else. When I save the "ring view" it shows all the colors. What am I missing?
I'll call you in the morning and start a screen sharing session with you so I can see what you're describing. It isn't clear to me whether you built the bowl as a Totnado Bowl or as a Painted Segment Bowl. Either way, though, it should show individual species in the Summary.

My guess is that you have a problem with the palette you are using. It you change to a different palette, does the problem go away?
Adding to this zombie thread...
I started with a paint of some 30 layers to get the pattern I was looking for, then started playing with the overall diameter and descreasing (and then increasing) the height in the Bowl View to change the number of layers. Eventually, layer 20 summary locked up, and also as I increase the height, the bowl view and the Paint screen looked right, but the summary page for layers 20 and up stayed..."different". Any ideas? It's a minor detail. The Rings pdf is correct. Version 1.1.28.
I suspect that at some time, you may have changed the number of segments per row as this is the only way that I am aware that a file could become jumbled. When the segments per row changes, the software has no clue what to do and some internal logic makes an attempt to figure out how to recover and it could be right but is just as likely to be wrong and if it is wrong, it will not recover.

My next release will solve this problem by warning you that if you change the number of segments per row, it will do an automatic reset of the segments. This is the only way to make sure that this works correctly.

Since I would have had to be watching when this error occurred to know for sure what happened, there is only one way to fix it. If this is your own profile, save the profile and then use it to recreate the vessel and repaint it. This is really good experience and it should just take you a couple minutes. Whenever I make a vessel, I remake it a couple times just to see how fast I can redraw it from scratch.

I guarantee that redrawing it will create the Sumary correctly and it will stay correct unless you change the number of segments.

Sorry about the problem, but only I know how complicated the code is in the Paint screen and frankly, I’m amazed that it works as well as it does. I hate to go back to this code as it takes me the better part of a day to follow the logic. My teeth start itching when I look at the code and I gotta tell you - that’s never a good sign.

Actually, you don’t need to recreate the vessel. All you have to do is reset the segments to their default and repaint it. As soon as you reset the segments, the vessel is in the condition of a newly created vessel and the problem will be fixed at that point.
I do recall clicking "Advanced" or "Intermediate" before going back to "Painted Segment" in Bowl Settings. That changed the number of segments. I'll do a screenshot of the existing Paint view, and recreate it. Using Repeats per row: 6 makes quick work of it.
Reset Segments and repainting took all of two minutes. Everything works great now!