Ring Layouts

Mark Harding

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I am new to the program. After watching the tutorials and searching the post I was unable to find how to generate the ring view for a newly created painted vessel. So, once the bowl shows the view that everything is painted and then going to the rings tab, there is nothing there. What do I need to do? Thanks.

Mark Harding

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I answered my own post after some more playing. For those that see this post looking for the same info, you first save a pdf file then you can open the views.


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Morning Mark.
In SP when you select (click) the ring tab, the program should bring up a window that shows it is saving the ring view to a pdf. Document/Segment Pro/Ring view. At the bottom of the window is where you can give the pdf a name. After you save the file it should open up in your pdf reader.

Acrobat Reader is a free pdf reader you should install on your pc , if you do not have it. The Ring view is a pdf in SP. The ring view is not like the ring view in WoodTurner Pro.