Adding species

peter white

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Hi. Can something help in how to add species in Lamination Pro.When I open species folder I can't find anywhere it says add species like it says in Seg Pro. I must be missing something.


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Lloyd moved the species file location a while back. It is now in c:\Documents\My Lamination PRO\Species

Lamination PRO allows you to simply drop an image file into a folder and it is immediately available as a species using the file name as the species name.

Notes from Lloyd I got a while back.
"In Lamination PRO, it also does not matter what size or resolution the file is, but the size of the file will determine how big the grain pattern will be. If you are looking for a particular grain configuration, it may be necessary for you to first adjust the size of the file using a graphic program such as Microsoft Paint or Irfanview. Irfanview is also a free program which I highly recommend and can be found at IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide."

One thing I highly recommend is that if you use customer species for either (or both) programs, you should create a separate folder somewhere and keep all those files in it as a backup."

Hope this helps.