Printing Images in Woodturner Pro

Bob Beaupre

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Hi Don,
To print the image of you plan you have to first export the image. There is a button on the front page of the program just under Save Plan. Once you have the image saved you can open it in paint and them print it. The only way to print the profile or the cut away view is to do a print screen, paste into paint and the edit it the way you want and then print it.


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Hi Don.

In WTP you can print any of the "views". That is vessel, cut away, segment, cutting summary and ring view.

To print the profile. select cut away view. then go to file print.
You can print any of the views. There is also a print preview under File to see what the print would look like.

Or you can also do what Bob posted.
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Lloyd Johnson

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I replied to you email to me and also gave you incorrect information in that I thought you were asking about Segment PRO. Mike Fisher's explanation is the correct answer, though.