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Wedgie sled



I know this has been posted to death here, but the wedgie sled is great. I plan on making closed segment vessels only and this thing is a champ. I've tired the chop saw and a Miter Master on the table saw and this sled puts them to shame for its accuracy and speed.
I followed Dave Muller's plans and it went together easily and quickly.
Made a few wedges using the Miter Master to set up the miter gauge, tested with a 12 and an 18 segment ring and no gaps.
Now I just have to find the time to start using it. I have already come up with a few designs using WTP.


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stuart johnson

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Dan, in the full ring view it looks like you are using the string clamp. Try to be certain the edges of the segment are aligned without the gaps that appear around 7, 8, 10 o'clock. You'll have better results. My first wedgie sled was made with Dave's measurements but I found it didn't work so well with larger segments. I made a larger one and am now on my third one. They along with wedgies are great.


Thanks Stuart. Yes, I am using the string clamp. Great tool. What you are seeing as gaps are shadows from thickness differences in the piece of scrp I used as my test piece. Just grabbed something off of the pile next to my table saw. Good eye though.