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Short answer. No. The choices is inches (decimal) or metric
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WTP allows for fractions.

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The use of fractions is quickly diminishing and there are a number of reasons for this. The one that mostly affects my decision to not use them in Segment PRO is the direction in computers. From now on, virtually all screens will be touch enabled. Desktops will give way to convertible workpads and keyboards will become optional. To use touch, the controls holding data must contain numeric data and unfortunately, fractions are text fields and cannot be used. Furthermore, since future keyboards are going to increasingly be digital ones on the screen, typing fractions on them will be difficult.

Nearly everything in Segment PRO now supports touch but I still have work to do to get to 100%.

The second reaso is that we are finally moving towards metrics and it can't happen soon enough. Moving to decimal inches is a step that will make that final move much simpler.

Editorially speaking, working in decimal inches will increase your accuracy and the transition is simple in that you can get rulers and tape measures that have decimal inches on one edge and fractions on the other.


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Is it possible to have the program convert decimal inches to metric? For example, I have a table saw with inches & metric. Having to convert a decimal inch of 1.87" into metric is a hassle before I can set my saw fence.
I am a new user and so far I like the Segment Pro product. However, I'm not a fan of the decimal inches. I don't have a decimal ruler (they are actually rather hard to find) and my table saw is only fractional inches. I exported my project summary to Excel and then converted the dimensions to fractions (a cool feature of Excel).

Maybe someday I'll switch to either decimal inches or metric, but this is working for now.

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If and when you choose to start working in decimal inches, below you will find a tape measure that will help with the transition. It has fractions on one edge and decimal inches on the other.

Like I say, this isn’t an option for the software. Fractions require text fields and software like Segment PRO that supports touch screens require numeric fields. Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO will remain fractional programs so if that is important to you, stick with those two programs or continue to use Excel as you describe.

Here’s the link:

I think you will find that if you start using decimal inches you will wonder why you didn’t make the change earlier.


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So, given your statement above, will you be porting the software to mobile platforms? Your software is the only reason I still have a laptop. I do everything else on my tablet.