Flattening Open Segment Rings

Discussion in 'Open-Segment Turnings Forum' started by Justin, May 20, 2017.

  1. Justin

    Justin New Member

    Hey guys, I would love to hear your strategies for flattening your rings as you assemble an open segment bowl. In the past, I've tried putting a few rows on at a time, but errors add up over a few layers. Do you guys flatten each ring after you glue on the segments? How long do you wait after you put the last piece on? What tools do you use to flatten them?

    On the vase I'm doing now, I planned for .25" thick rows. I cut the segment stock at .28, so I have a fair amount to take off each ring to get down to .25. Right now I'm using a flattening stick with sandpaper.

    Again, I'd love to hear how you guys tackle your open segment bowls!
  2. martyn

    martyn PRO Member

    I've only done a couple of open turnings but id say get a few layers on and when you try to flatten the top ring have the lathe running as fast as you feels safe and take light shear cuts, don't use a scraper. Then you can finish it off with a sheet of sand paper on a flat board, i use a cross visa set up to flatten my ring on lathe as posted on the forum under jigs
  3. Justin

    Justin New Member

    Thanks Martyn. I actually have a cross slide for my lathe, but it is quite large, and I wouldn't want to be putting it on and taking it off too often. Yours looks much more manageable.
  4. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    Justin, I found that I need to flatten every row. When I mill my wood I normally will cut up the complete board and then plane it down to thickness. However, doing it this way I end up with left over pieces that I will use on my next project. But the thickness will vary from piece to piece, so then I have to flatten every row.

    I flatten my row with a sanding board only I don't try to use a tool on them.

    Time between final glue and being able to flatten will vary with the glue you are using. I've learned to slow down and I'll leave at least half an hour after finishing a row before I take it from the jig to flatten.

    I know your going to ask so, my favorite glue to use with open segment is Titebond No-Run, No-Drip
    It dries really fast and is almost as transparent as the Titebond Translucent
    Title: Titebond - Product

    I can find the No-Run, No-Drip much easier than the Translucent

    Also, getting back to flattening rings. I find the thinner the row the more important it gets to flatten each row
  5. Justin

    Justin New Member

    Thanks for the tips Bob!
  6. Glenn McCarron

    Glenn McCarron PRO Member

    I do like Bob, flatten each row using a sanding board only. I have been using Titebond III and will wait on average 1.5 - 2 hours before sanding. That's probably a bit excessive but I'm in no rush.
  7. Brett Niland

    Brett Niland PRO Member

  8. Brett Niland

    Brett Niland PRO Member

    Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

    I’m using pipe cleaners to remove squeeze out from the open spaces. I’m worried that finishing will be a problem due to the glue keeping the seams from taking up the finish evenly. How does that work?

    I’m finding the difference between too little and too much glue is a vanishingly small amount. :)

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