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Open Segment Project - Maze

Just clicking on the JSON file will not open it.

You have to import it into Segment PRO. From the Menu > Share > Import

The file is NOT a profile it is a PLAN.
Go to the Plans tab
You should see a set of plans with this icon:
Wow Bob that looks like a TON of work. So just how many segments are in it now?

For the future how many do you plan to do? 244 or more per row? Also it seems the more segments the more detail looking things can be. Is that correct?
There were 7296 pieces, there were 96 segments per row.
Yes, that's the idea of increasing the number of segment the denser the pattern.
Well the last project finished successfully, so now it's time to push the boundaries further. Last bowl was 60 segments so what the hell lets try 96 this time.

First a couple of upgrades to the glue up jig. The vertical lock on the jig was a little sticky so we fixed that. The we rearranged the setup on the horizontal axis to make it more user (that,s me) friendly. The biggie is a positive zero lock. Since my index plate is computerized, I can really put it anywhere and it will come back to it. But taking it on and off to put it on the lathe, sometimes it would get moved so then it was a matter of re-indexing. So I made a locking point on my faceplate and a locking point on the fixture.
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Now that is done it's on to design.
Hey Bob,
I saw your stepper motor indexing jig on your website. I would love to build one myself. Any chance I can get any drawings/component lists you used to build it? I would also like to get a copy of the software/source code if possible?

Thank You