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Open Segment Project - Maze

Top ring is now on.
All major turning is complete.
The only little turning left will be the final shape of the base and then cutting it off the face plate.
Just about complete with the rough sanding.
Tomorrow will be a sanding day.
Will be finishing up 'Maze' today. Seven coats of acrylic lacquer are on the bowl and is cut off the face plate and bottom finished. All that is left is sign it, buff it out and wax it. Then pictures.

Been a long project
I like these follow along threads. It is interesting the detailed work that is done. It will be great to see the finished project.
The final turning on the outside was a little tricky, not the turning itself but the profile. With the pattern it kept tricking the eye that there were dips in the profile. I ended up trusting my hands and feel more than my eyes.
Darn, wish I was in Green Bay, I would take you up on your offer.

The Pack took a big hit when Rogers went down. Hopefully, he will recover and next year will be their year.