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Open Segment Project - Acoma

60 would match your open segment numbers.

How about 30. Might make it easier to keep the brick pattern going than 48. Nice 6 degree cut.
Did you use the jig to build the 60 segment closed top ring?
You are producing another beautiful bowl.
Finished turning and sanding. Now come the fun part of pulling all the chips from the little holes. :)

Hopefully I can get this one finished and cut off without trying to bounce it off the floor

Nicely done.
One reason I went to a donut chuck to part of bowls. Had a couple come off on a vacuum chuck.
Thanks Tom.

I wish you would stop raising the bar.
You have to give us a chance to catch up :)

Anything new in the hopper?

Your Big Red was off the hook!!
I started a new project yesterday, it will be for a local art show, only 6,800 pieces this time, but I hope it looks like the design, a little 3D action, so time will tell. I am happy your jig is working out for you.
In your method of construction using your new gluing jig, do you put any weight on the top of the ring being glued?
I pretty much have always used a press or a weight to help ensure a good bond between layers.
Yes I did first I put down a piece of neoprene, the a flat board and then I used a 15 lbs weight.

However I don't know if it did much. The glue I used was Titebond Thick and Quick, also known as Molding and Trim, and it sets up three time faster than Original. So by the time I got all the way around a row the first segment you could not move at all. I still used the weight. I let them setup about half an hour and then went back to it and started another row. Titebond Thick and Quick dries clear and you can hardly see it, no color like original or Titebond II or III.

One thing that is absolutely critical with these open segments is having your rings absolutely flat. You have to flatten every row. I tried cheating on one row and paid the price. It takes so very little to make a segment piece go wonky. When you think you have the ring flat check it again, it is time well spent.