possible math issue on summary view

Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Feedback' started by mfisher, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Lloyd, I was playing with Tom's free bowl plan. I noticed something interesting. Here is what I did.
    - Started SP
    - Load Tom's saved plan
    - Changed profile to a different bowl design. SP converted the design over in the bowl view just fine.
    - instead of 48 segments I wanted a design with 36. So I reduced segments numbers from 48 to 36. SP accepted the new
    - Went into summary, got negative numbers in one species -4 16 24 = 36 segments
    - Going into paint view and counted and got 6 18 12 = 36 segments.

    If I go back to 48 segments (Toms orginal, the math is correct again.

    I can only imagine all the calculations going on when playing with number of segments after a bowl has been painted.

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