1. Skip Deedon

    Skip Deedon PRO Member

    Very new here. Working with SP. I am working on a vase that I want to be a footed project. I used one of the stock profiles, and then tweaked it a bit by grabbing and moving the red dots around.
    How can I delete unwanted dots, or add new ones?

    Also, my bottom layer is segmented, and the layer above it is an accent ring. How can I change the diameter of the accent ring, without changing the diameter of the base? It seems no matter what I do, the two move together.

    Thanks for the help. Also need some guidance using this forum. If I have posted in the wrong place, please advise me where I should be posting.
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    The ability to make changes to the diameters is coming soon. There will be a new, full-size cutaway view that will allow you to click on any row and then use a handle on either side of the segment and drag it to the desired diameter.

    There is not currently a way to delete dots or add new dots to the wall profile. It is on my enhancements list, though, but not scheduled at this time.
  3. Skip Deedon

    Skip Deedon PRO Member

    Thanks much.
    I think some of the things I'm trying to do would work better in Woodturner Pro. Can you point me to a tutorial on that program?
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    You are correct in that Woodturner PRO will let you do practically whatever you want - just more slowly. As advertised, Segment PRO has been targeted to people who have never made a segmented bowl before. It doesn't (and won't) do everything simply because it would make the the software much harder to use. Also Woodturner PRO is much more capable because it went through 16 years of improvements. Segment PRO will eventually get there as well but it is, after all, version 1.0. It is the best 1.0 program I've ever written, however.

    The tutorials are in almost the same place: Forum > Video Tutorials > Software > Woodturner PRO


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