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01 - Introducing Segment PRO!

Lloyd Johnson

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This video will give you a quick overview of the main features of Segment PRO. At the conclusion of the video, you'll find links to other resources of the software.

The following links will let learn more about Segment PRO:
Woodturner PRO website: Title: Welcome to Woodturner PRO - Segmented Woodturning Simplified
Download the trial version of Segment PRO: http://download.woodturnerpro.com/software/v3/segprosetup.exe
Learn more about Tom Lohman's volume ot 30 designs for $15 at the following link:
Title: Segmented Woodturning
Purchase Segment PRO and/or other software titles from Woodturner PRO:
Title: Software Products
Visit the Woodturner PRO Forum and Photo Gallery: Title: Woodturner PRO
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Fun with After Effects. It has a STEEP learning curve, but it is certainly powerful. Nearly all TV ads are created using After Effects and Premier, both from Adobe.
Watching your video again I see a difference in your summary screen and mine???

2017-03-07 (1).png


Yours fills the screen much more than mine does.
Screen resolution @ 1920 x 1080. Not so much scrolling but the summary does not fill the screen like in Lloyd's video
Have a question I hope I can explain clearly. I generally like to see a small disk when viewing the bowl interior, which also gives a smaller outside base diameter which I prefer. For example, 2" inner diameter. I have tried to do this when drawing the profile, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. The only way I've found is to increase the wall width which decreases the inner diameter of ring 2, and all rings. The outer diameter remains the same. Example the inner diameter is smaller with a 1/2" wall width than with a 3/8" wall width. But if I don't want to use a thicker wall I can't seem to get the small inner diameter of ring 2 that I want. Is there another way of of achieving this? I see if I have a steeper wall slope this does happen but if the slope is flatter it doesn't. Example a 4" height and 10" diameter results in about a 4" exposed interior base when finished. I would like it smaller.
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I'm not sure what you're asking but you might try just increasing the board width in the summary for row 2 by the following. Take the inner diameter you want minus the inner diameter shown and divide by 2 and add that to the summary width. That will give you some extra mat'l for the inside to cover the base.
Art (and all),
A solution will be coming. In April, I will be adding a new full-screen Cutaway View that will show a larger version of the Cutaway View that shows the entire bowl. You'll be able to click on any row and there will be handles on both sides of the segment that will let you drag either edge to change the inside and outside diameters. They will stay that way until you do something that would change the wall profile at which time diameters will all be reset and then you can change them again.

When you click on a row, it will show the details of that row in a column at the right. At that point, I *intend* to allow you to change properties about the row such as thickness, open/closed, segments, and species.

The reason I say *intend* is that this will completely change the way that the bowl engine builds a bowl and I know I will run into issues with this. Depending on the size of the issues, I may have to release this over a series of releases as I will be unavailable for the month of May.

I'll first release the Cutaway Screen with the handles and get the diameters working correctly first and see if there's enough time to allow the changes to the properties.

With this screen, I will be adding grid lines and the option to create an oversized PDF file that can be printed either to a letter/legal/A4 page or emailed to a print shop where you can print it full-size. I'll also have a solution for letting you print it to a letter printer but tiled so that you can piece multiple pages together to get a full-size version on your local printer.

Yours fills the screen much more than mine does.
I believe the change to the spreadsheet version is going to make these issues go away. It should even give me a lot more options such as letting you export the data either to an Excel file or a .csv file.
Really like this new product and the intro video is well done.
Thanks Dave. And thanks to all of the people that have helped with debugging and feature enhancements. It is surely the best 1.0 release I've ever had in my career and I'm looking forward to getting to work on release 1.1.
You are the man! We ask a question and you've already thought it thru. Great software and getting better all the time. Since you were so good at answering that, will we be able to paint feature ring projects at some point? :)