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Discussion in 'Segment PRO' started by Lloyd Johnson, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    This video will give you a quick overview of the main features of Segment PRO. At the conclusion of the video, you'll find links to other resources of the software.

    The following links will let learn more about Segment PRO:
    Woodturner PRO website: Title: Welcome to Woodturner PRO - Segmented Woodturning Simplified
    Download the trial version of Segment PRO:
    Learn more about Tom Lohman's volume ot 30 designs for $15 at the following link:
    Title: Segmented Woodturning
    Purchase Segment PRO and/or other software titles from Woodturner PRO:
    Title: Software Products
    Visit the Woodturner PRO Forum and Photo Gallery: Title: Woodturner PRO
  2. Doug K

    Doug K PRO Member

    This is really nice. The most difficult part of designing a bowl and feature ring is describing how it will look to my wife. You have taken care of that nicely.


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