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  1. C

    Longworth glueing

    I have finally started assembly of my Stomper and long worth. I know the instructions explain that the brown paper on the long worth should remain on to keep glue easy to remove. I am just concerned that it won’t be long before the brown paper’s life is over. I heard someone say that they don’t...
  2. Demonstrating The Stomper

    Demonstrating The Stomper

    We created a Stomper Station with WTP parts, at our club and demonstrate during our Segmented Bowl Class.
  3. SW Bowl

    SW Bowl

    Birds-eye maple with Paduak Southwest feature ring bowel. 8"h X 9" D. Southwest feature using Lamination Pro. Also, used the stomper and the longworth attachment. All comments welcome.
  4. Spiral Vase

    Spiral Vase

    Spiral Vase 12.5" H X 6.5" D, 540 segments Mrytle wood, Paduak spiral, and Wenge top and basel. This is my 3rd attempted open segment using the stomper.