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    User Preferences for Stave Slope confused

    I'm not really sure but can someone explain the setting for slope in User Preferences in reference to where the angle is measured. Is >0 the angle from a horizontal plane to the outside edge of the stave? Is the <90 measured from a 90 degree vertical to the slope. If this is correct, then...
  2. Double Stave Pot

    Double Stave Pot

    The pot has a diameter of 205 mm and a height of 125 mm. It is constructed from two 8-segment stave rings separated by a circular 8-segment mid-section ring. The light wood is African White Pear and the segments are separated from each other by 5 mm thick Purpleheart strips capped by a layer...
  3. Bubinga Stave Flask

    Bubinga Stave Flask

    The staves are made of Bubinga and the vertical spacers from African Blackwood with a white veneer on both sides. The top and bottom is also African Blackwood. The flask is 155 mm high and 77 mm wide.
  4. Lidded Bubinga stave pot

    Lidded Bubinga stave pot

    The stave pot has 8 staves made from Bubinga which are separated by African Blackwood spacers capped with white veneer. The lid and bottom are also made of African Blackwood. The pot is 170mm tall and 100 mm wide.
  5. Stave Vase

    Stave Vase

    The vase is 180 mm high and 90 mm wide. The staves are made from an unknown wood species and the vertical spacers from Imbuia flanked by Oak veneer
  6. The Skeleton

    The Skeleton

    This pot is 280 mm high and 100 mm wide and is constructed out of 10 staves of Inbuia. The staves are separated by splines consisting of 3 mm thick African rosewood in the center and two layers of dark and white veneer on either side of that. The original idea was to make a pot such as shown...
  7. Stave Pot

    Stave Pot

    A 135 mm high stave pot consisting of 10 staves separated by 2.5 mm thick African purple heart spacers. The staves are made of African White Pear. The design was made easy using Wood Turner Pro software.