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  1. Southwest Vase

    Southwest Vase

    My very first segmented vase, thanks to 3d design pro and woodturner pro. I used maple, redheart and wenge.
  2. Round Pot

    Round Pot

    The Height = 145 mm and Width = 142 mm. The dark wood is Imbuia and the pattern is the WoodturnerPro SouthWest design consisting of Bubinga, Beech and Imbuia strips.
  3. SW Bowl

    SW Bowl

    Birds-eye maple with Paduak Southwest feature ring bowel. 8"h X 9" D. Southwest feature using Lamination Pro. Also, used the stomper and the longworth attachment. All comments welcome.
  4. Koa meets Southwest

    Koa meets Southwest

    Attended Tahoe Sysmposiam and saw Lloyd demonstate Lamination pro. Wanted to try this Southwest example- the result being a second attempt. I think I'm finally getting there. The Vessel is made from Koa wood, Bloodwood, maple and a few others for accent.
  5. SWTbirdVase2


    6-5/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  6. SWTbirdVase1


    6-5/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  7. SWBlanketBowl8


    5-1/2" h x 7-7/8" d Maple Walnut Paduak
  8. SWBlanketBowl6


    4" h x 7" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  9. SWBlanketBowl5


    5-7/8" h x 7-3/8" d Maple Sirari Lyptus Walnut
  10. SWBlanketBowl4


    5-3/8"h x 5-5/8" d Mahogany Wenge Yellowheart Sirari Maple
  11. SWBlanketBowl3


    5-3/4" h x 7-1/2"d Curly Maple Purpleheart Soft Maple Lyptus
  12. SWBlanketBowl1


    4-7/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Maple Purpleheart Sirari Tigrillo