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segmented bowl

  1. IMG20230716155455.jpg


    Vase en Chêne Châtaignier et Valchromat
  2. IMG20230716160127.jpg


    Réalisation en chêne et Bambou
  3. 20221116_153724.jpg


    wenge, oak, padauk, chestnut, merbau and billinga.
  4. 20221116_153710.jpg


    10273 pieces of wood
  5. 20220502_111116.jpg


    ash 216 pieces, padouk 240, weng 240, tornado 264 pieces. all finished with shellawax, nice finish!
  6. 20220502_103037.jpg


    ash padouk and wenge
  7. 20220502_103028.jpg


    segmented little bowls, stackable
  8. my second bowl _ segmented 2.jpg

    my second bowl _ segmented 2.jpg

    This is my first true segmented bowl (after making a bowl from a board). Hard Maple, Walnut and Bubinga
  9. 20210927_185128.jpg


    pattern 2
  10. 20210927_185119_005.jpg


    pattern 1
  11. 20210927_185052.jpg


    different view
  12. 20210927_185040.jpg


    segmented bowl 5592 pieces, 2 coats of polyurethane
  13. E

    First feature ring bowl. Looks nice at first but has many pattern flaws

    I have finally made a bowl with a southwest design feature ring but I am disappointed in the results. At first glance it looks decent but if you actually look at the feature ring the flaws are glaring. The few people I showed it too at first glance thought it was great. My son took one look...
  14. "Eagle Bowl, my attempt"

    "Eagle Bowl, my attempt"

    An amazing journey in learning. Thanks to Lloyd for all his help and suggestions.
  15. Glenn McCarron

    My Eagle Bowl attempt

    After a number of emails back and forth with Lloyd I have decided to try to reproduce his amazing Eagle Bowl. I have spent many sessions trying to figure out the actions to produce the eagle and I think I have finally wrapped my head around it. I want to make mine about 10 inches in diameter and...