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  1. IMG20230722122240.jpg


    Vase en chêne châtaignier noyer et merbau
  2. 20230325_195658.jpg


    Vase made of wenge, padauk, billinga, kambala, oak, chestnut and merbau. 18456 pieces. Bottom made of meranti, 24 segments per ring, cut in 2 and inserted a segmented disc containing 48 pieces. No finish yet.
  3. 20221003_124849.jpg


    wall thickness 10-12 mm hight 12 inches/ 30 cm, diameter 10.5 inches/ 26 cm.
  4. 20221003_124828.jpg


    Vase made of wenge, padauk, chestnut, merbau and oak 96 pieces per ring 64 rings. 1 coat of wipe on poly.
  5. 20220420_144352.jpg


    Wenge, yew, red azobe and pvc 0.25 mm thick. CA finish
  6. 20220420_144339.jpg


    Jazz bolt pen kit, segmented blank
  7. 20220331_122617.jpg


    ready, 7849 pieces of wood, some patience, a bottle of glue and some laquer to finish!
  8. umbrella stand

    umbrella stand

    72 segments a row, 109 rows. clear laquer finish
  9. 20211023_173922.jpg


    Vase 72 segments, 69 rows and 1 piece of padouk.
  10. 20210926_103332.jpg


    Turned and sanded to 320 grit
  11. Fourth of July Bowl

    Fourth of July Bowl

    My second segmented bowl. This is ash and spectra ply.