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  1. Round Pot

    Round Pot

    The Height = 145 mm and Width = 142 mm. The dark wood is Imbuia and the pattern is the WoodturnerPro SouthWest design consisting of Bubinga, Beech and Imbuia strips.
  2. Tangential Flower pot

    Tangential Flower pot

    This tangential flower pot is 215 mm High and 143 mm wide. It contains 20 segments made of a light colored Imbuia which are separated by 3 mm wide black Imbuia spacers. The segments were cut 200 mm long with a segment edge length of 20 mm and at an angle of 9 on each side from a board 48 mm...
  3. Cork Oak Pot

    Cork Oak Pot

    The larger segments of this pot are made of selected Cork Oak and the dark wood is Inbuia. It has a height of 180 mm and a width of 205 mm. Cracks and wormholes were filled with copper powder and Cyanoacrylate
  4. Striped Pot

    Striped Pot

    The pot has a height of 225 mm and a width of 250 mm. The light wood is African White Pear and the dark wood is African Cherry Wood. Raising segmented rings consisting of a laminate of the two woods on one side followed by drum sanding resulted in the tangential rings comprising the pot.
  5. Spotted Pot

    Spotted Pot

    The pot is 130 mm high and has a diameter of 200 mm. The light wood is African White Pear and the dark wood is Imbuia. The 5 mm thick Imbuia spacers separating individual segments are capped with a layer of white and dark veneer on each side.
  6. Double Stave Pot

    Double Stave Pot

    The pot has a diameter of 205 mm and a height of 125 mm. It is constructed from two 8-segment stave rings separated by a circular 8-segment mid-section ring. The light wood is African White Pear and the segments are separated from each other by 5 mm thick Purpleheart strips capped by a layer...
  7. Lidded Bubinga stave pot

    Lidded Bubinga stave pot

    The stave pot has 8 staves made from Bubinga which are separated by African Blackwood spacers capped with white veneer. The lid and bottom are also made of African Blackwood. The pot is 170mm tall and 100 mm wide.
  8. The Skeleton

    The Skeleton

    This pot is 280 mm high and 100 mm wide and is constructed out of 10 staves of Inbuia. The staves are separated by splines consisting of 3 mm thick African rosewood in the center and two layers of dark and white veneer on either side of that. The original idea was to make a pot such as shown...
  9. Stave Pot

    Stave Pot

    A 135 mm high stave pot consisting of 10 staves separated by 2.5 mm thick African purple heart spacers. The staves are made of African White Pear. The design was made easy using Wood Turner Pro software.