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    Faux segment decoration

    Ive been playing getting my feet wet with basket illusion technique and was curious if I could use segment pro to design a pattern. As it is basket illusion doesnt stagger the units of the pattern the way segmentation does but I could easily make a faux segment pattern with the same techniques...
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    seg pro crash

    I was trying to put together a cylindrical shape with straight sides to create a pattern for a basket illusion type beaded ring on a bowl. I laid out a straight side ring shape and a warning popped up saying it needs six points for that, then the program closes after clicking the okay, not...
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    Kerf allowance for making segments?

    I made a pattern to cut that has a continuous pattern to it and was trying it out. Made a couple of cheese slicers with it but noticed a lack of any kerf allowance for cutting the pattern into ring segments and still have the distances between the repeating sections match the distances in the...
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    video problems

    Im logging in on my desktop computer where I have all the programs loaded and was trying to access the video tutorials but I get a player error message. Is this on my end or the servers? Im running Win 7 and IE 11.
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    Cutting small parts

    Ive seen mention of not wanting to cut parts so short your fingers are too close to the blade. Ted Baldwin demonstrated a technique at a Gwinnett Woodworkers meeting that allows doing just that safely with your fingers well away from the blade. Maybe this can be adapted for segment creation.
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    Chefware kits open segment jig

    Anybody else using Earl Rasumssens open segment jig from Chefware kits? I like its flexibilty and fairly low cost for getting into open segment.