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    Feature rings

    I found that you need to be absolutely sure your stock is square and parallel and your blade set exactly at 90 degrees before starting a pattern or the whole thing will go south as you create more generations of cuts. Careful measuring and accuracy is key.
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    Tornado Vase

    Beautiful choice of woods!
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    Seg easy plates

    You might also want to clean up the plate and wipe it with carnauba wax to keep the glue from sticking.
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    Transfer a cutlist to iPad?

    In addition to this info if you have an app like Google Drive you can load on your computer and on the pad it makes the transfer from machine to machine pretty painless. Once Drive is signed in on both machines anything loaded into it will show up on the other to download pretty quick.
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    seg pro crash

    Does Woodturner Pro do the painting of the segments? Thats why I was using Segment Pro because of the great features you built in to the paint routines.
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    I upgraded my segment cutting facility.

    You might want to make a zero clearance drop off for it, so the piece falls away from the blade, less likely to get kicked away. You can see the style on my table saw wedgie setup.
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    Thickness plainers

    Thickness planer is good for prepping the stock prior to segmenting, but you will also need a jointer to make the stock square and true or you will have problems on down the line. A drum sander is nice for flattening rings but not critical. A homemade disc sander mounted on your headstock is an...
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    Faux segment decoration

    Ive been playing getting my feet wet with basket illusion technique and was curious if I could use segment pro to design a pattern. As it is basket illusion doesnt stagger the units of the pattern the way segmentation does but I could easily make a faux segment pattern with the same techniques...
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    Printing problems

    Thanks, I gave that a try. Never knew exactly how that was supposed to work before, just loads the screen image to the clipboard.
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    Printing problems

    The only way Ive found is to use export image, put it on the clipboard, open photoshop (or other image program) and paste into a new window. Kind of awkward.
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    seg pro crash

    Tell you what, Id love to see a toggle added to this program to set the ring segments not offset so you can make designs for basket illusion bowls, it comes so close. As it is Im trying out a faux segment beading to see how that looks.
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    seg pro crash

    I have a trackball without a wheel so that leaves me out.
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    seg pro crash

    another problem, when Im copying the image of the pattern to clipboard, i made a second pattern and tried to copy but the program was not clearing the clipboard and the first image kept coming back every time I tried to print the image on the second pattern. not sure what I can do on my end to...
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    seg pro crash

    i got some results but inadvertently triggered the zoom function on the paint screen and cant find any toggle to unzoom it. Apparently you have to exit the screen to get it to return to default screen magnification.
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    seg pro crash

    I was trying to put together a cylindrical shape with straight sides to create a pattern for a basket illusion type beaded ring on a bowl. I laid out a straight side ring shape and a warning popped up saying it needs six points for that, then the program closes after clicking the okay, not...
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    Dried glue clean up

    Might try dropping them into a pan of boiling water.
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    Weird Results

    Fortunately ID10T errors are the easiest to fix most times. Glad you are on your way with it.
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    Weird Results

    Wouldnt be the first time a tablesaw bed was out of square with the blade. It needs to be tested for that.
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    Weird Results

    The ring you picture shows no sign of any reference marks. If you watch Jerry Bennets videos you will see what I mean. Every two cuts will be a set not to be mixed up, odd and even. If the pieces were simply cut and piled up before cutting I could see getting some errors. What is your cutting...
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    Weird Results

    Check to see your saw is cutting the required angle with the sled. Calculate backwards from the result to see what the actual angle of cut is.