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  1. mfisher

    Longworth Centering Chuck?

    I got this from the hardware section. Looks like 12" and smaller for ring size. "The Longworth Attachment is a Woodturner PRO designed and manufactured product. It will handle rings of approximately 12" in diameter or less."
  2. mfisher

    Missing grid button

    It is not missing. It is no longer active in 3D Design Pro Lloyd posted this in response to another thread. " "I removed the grid a long time ago and here are the reasons - first, it added almost no value. Bowls aren't typically made with straight lines. But the big thing is that the control I...
  3. mfisher

    Printing ring view

    The issue you are having is a printer problem WTP ring view prints out the exact size of the ring. So if your printer is limited to the standard paper size it will cut the rings off. -- I generally take my laptop to the shop and just pull up the ring view for the ring I am working on. --...
  4. mfisher

    Almost new to segmenting

    Welcome to the WTP forums. The software is very useful for planning your segment vessel. WTP is for those who want full control. SP is great in making the design easy, but you loose some control. Looks like you have a good start on equipment. Not having a planer, jointer or drum sander is...
  5. mfisher

    Building feature rings

    Hi Rod: - Not sure of your experience in building segment vessels. A featured ring and its pattern is whatever you want it be. It can be as simple as putting in a band of different wood, burning a pattern, to a complex pattern that may have been designed in LP. - I would suggest you start...
  6. mfisher

    Species Pallette

    If you have WTP use it. You can do as many species as you want. In SP in the bowl setting window is where you can set the wall width.
  7. mfisher

    Species Pallette

    In SP the limit is 10 species in a palette. In general using more than 10 species would be rare in segmenting. Word of caution: While the palette can contain up to 10 species, you will find the summary view does not handle more than 5. Wood Turner Pro you can use as many species as you like...
  8. mfisher

    Seg easy plates

    The amount of wax used should not impact your finishing. The vessel is going to sanded. I use a paste wax on my cutting sleds and other fixtures.
  9. mfisher

    Seg easy plates

    Are you getting glue squeeze out on the segeasy plates? Most open segment builders in our shop only wait about 30 minutes between layers. They build a few layers then let set overnight with weight on the vessel. You could try removing the ring sooner and see what happens.
  10. mfisher


    To make a swirl go to the left you will have to manually paint the segments. In SP you would do it in the "Paint" window. There is no option in SP to select left or right swirls. In WTP you could design the swirls in the vessel view.
  11. mfisher

    Comment by 'mfisher' in media '3 D Lidded Bowl'

    Very nice. Like the 3d lid.
  12. mfisher

    Learning Program

    Besides what Richard has posted I would suggest - Searching the internet for videos on segmenting. - A couple of good books are Malcolm Tibbetts "The Art of Segmenting Turning", Ray Allen "WoodTurning with Ray Allen" There are others but I like these two. - if there is a club you can join, I...
  13. mfisher

    Comment by 'mfisher' in media 'Shazam'

    Love the color selection. Good job.
  14. mfisher

    Chuck from NW Florida

    Welcome to the forum. I have been using Lloyd's software for years. I find it to very helpful in the planning. No more hand drawings.
  15. mfisher

    Dave from S. Dakota

    Welcome to WTP forum. It is a great place to ask questions and share segmenting experiences. Don't forget the Gallery and share some of your work. Lloyd's software makes the planning very easy for a segment project. It is the execution of the plan that I need to still work on, :).
  16. mfisher

    seg pro crash

    - WTP allows you to paint segments. It is easy as selecting the different species for the segment. The only drawback is WTP does not have the paint window like SP. What I do for more complex patterns is to build the vessel in SP and paint the pattern. Because of the different database type...
  17. mfisher

    Saving a file of a feature ring in lamination pro

    "You can Save files from Lamination PRO to your disk drive. Click File > Save or File > Save As to begin the process. If this is an unsaved file, you will see a standard Windows Save File dialog box that will default to the folder My Lamination PRO in My Documents. You can change this...
  18. mfisher

    feature ring showing incorrect number of segments in bowl view

    Glad it you solved the issue. Have a safe one.
  19. mfisher

    Thickness plainers

    The problem with doing rings is the cross grain the planer will encounter. Planer cutters like cutting with the grain. What planer did you end up with?
  20. mfisher

    I upgraded my segment cutting facility.

    Nice setup. If it works and makes good accurate cuts, that is the goal.