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  1. Jon

    AT Mandurah Woodturners Shed 26 Nov 2017

    AT Mandurah Woodturners Shed 26 Nov 2017
  2. Jon

    Vernier Length

    This idea is not my own but needs to be be highlighted, I owe John Distefano thanks for the idea. It is a measurement of a segment from a tapered side, across the segment to the opposite point. A line that is at right angle from the side to the opposite point makes a right triangle, with the...
  3. Jon

    Jon Braine (novice woorturner)

    Sorry Lloyd, this is my third attempt at a reply thanks to faults with my browser. Thank you for your warm welcome. When you and your wife do come down to the lower right part of the world you can be assured of a warm welcome. our Western Australian Woodturning Association, WAWA of which the...
  4. Jon

    Jon Braine (novice woorturner)

    I am retired and living in Mandurah (67 mi. approx) south of Perth in Western Australia. I am the current Secretary of the Mandurah Woodturners Group under the Western Australian Woodturners Association (WAWA). We have some very experienced and clever turners who turn some spectacular...